We’ve had a little help from our friends…

WHOHAHA:  "Cofounded by actress, director, and producer Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha is a space for female creators to distribute their content to a wider audience."

FUNNY OR DIE: Sharing our funny with the comedy world. 

COMEDY CAKE: "Comedy web zine dedicated to providing the best comedy news, tweets, vids, Vines, reviews, memes, promos and general funny buzz."

UPWORTHY: "Stories that are worth your time — and that make the world a better place."

COLABORATOR: We've found great talent on this site. Connects video professionals with companies that pay for content

MONK SPACE: Some of our best work was shot here. A production stage for shooting film, video, photography and more! 

CURTIS ENDICOTT: Digital jack-of-all-trades, designed and maintains the website.

JUSTIN BELL: A terrific professional composer and Nightpantz collaborator. Plus a real nice guy. Hire him!

SABRINA DAX: Our Kickstarter Wizard. Classic PR expertise for cutting-edge entrepreneurs, artists and authors of the 21st century.

THE PACK THEATER: The new space on the block. Many of our writers, actors, directors and producers have learned and performed at The Pack. Great classes, funny and cutting edge shows.

UCB SUNSET INNER SANCTUM CAFE: The coffee and treats that fuel our writing and production meetings. Infinitely patient staff.

UCB: Some fortuitous associations in an improv class are part of the Nightpntz birth story. Quite a few 'Pantzers have benefited from their training and been on their stages. 

THE SECOND CITY - HOLLYWOOD: Known for terrific character work, sketch and improv. We've been lucky enough to work with graduates of their top notch program!

SQUARESPACE: Like this site? We used these guys! Great templates, great support.