Our open source approach means anyone can take a shot at writing, acting, shooting, directing, producing, editing, or recording sound- our members are only limited by their imagination and know-how. Pooled resources have allowed us to do all of this work with a minimal budget. We hope to grow our platform to engage even more artists in our second year.

But it still takes money to make the Nightpantz magic happen. And that is where you come in. Every dollar we raise will go towards producing new sketches, including hiring more editors, sound mixers, and cinematographers, as well as covering our location and costume fees.

Your help means the world to us. Heck, maybe we'll see you in one of our sketches in the not-too-distant future. We believe in the power of collaboration. We believe that artists working in harmony with one another create magic. We believe in something bigger than ourselves: comedy is our higher power, Nightpantz our vehicle. Help us help more creative individuals make work they can be proud of.

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